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The Training Culture – making sure that you are exceptional at what you do

Does your business vision extend to training your team to do their jobs properly?

I recently ran a workshop during which over 20 practices were asked how often they trained and/or refreshed the training for their front desk team – rehearsing answers to FAQs and their onboarding protocol for visitors.

On average, the answer indicated about once every two years but many admitted even longer gaps between training sessions.

So I’d like to ask you about a course or lecture you attended two years ago and how much of the content you remember or how often you refer to the course notes?

Now I’m not trying to sell you anything here – I don’t “do” telephony and front desk training, or TCO training, or communication skills training – and I don’t have any commercial relationships with those who do.

I do, however, make a nice living out of advising clients to hire in the trainers who do specialise in the aforementioned services (amongst the other things I do).

Do I train anybody?


I train marketing managers and teams to improve new patient numbers.

I train business development managers to take the pressure off the Principals.

I train Principals to become better leaders and strategic business owners.

I get trained by my business coach – a full day every quarter and video calls every two weeks.

The military train by repetition.

Airline pilots are trained by climbing into simulators – no matter how many hours they have.

Training is a core value in a business that has a bigger future.

What does your training programme for 2019 look like?

Why bother?

I’ve realised recently that patients write reviews when they have experienced exceptional service.

That includes exceptionally bad (write the review and call The Dental Law Partnership) and exceptionally good (write the review and agree to a patient video testimonial).

Next time you read an online review of anything – notice how many 1-star and 5-star reviews there are – then how many 3-star?

Ordinary doesn’t warrant our attention.

Exceptionally bad and you are in trouble because the news travels further and faster than ever before.

Exceptionally good and you are ahead of the game plus people are talking about you. Result.

Exceptionally good doesn’t happen unless you have a training culture in your business.

Start today.

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