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The Team Approach to Dentistry – two free downloads

Not one but TWO free downloads in today’s blog to get your week off to a flying start.

One of the FAQs I hear from clients is “how do I transfer patients away from my calendar and across to my associates, without the patients kicking up a fuss?”

Very often this is because the Principal is getting involved in more complex dentistry and doesn’t have the time for discussion, treatment planning and delivery because of the responsibility of maintaining a cohort of patients who expect to be seen for dental health reviews every 6 months.

Back in October 2019 I created a webinar on this subject for The Extreme Business Academy (our e-learning platform), explaining exactly how to go about educating team and patients to make such a transition as smooth as possible.

Since then, I’ve been working with some clients on an appropriate letter to send to patients, beginning the process of improving your time management and their care.

So – to whet your appetite – here are two PDF’s.

  1. The Team Approach to Dentistry – which explains the differences between the 4 types of care you provide and the fact that different members of the team may be involved in their delivery:

  2. Pain relief

  3. Functional repair

  4. Preventative maintenance and

  5. Aesthetic and functional confidence

  6. The Team Approach to Dentistry (letter to patients) – a real life example of a letter designed to introduce to a Principal’s patients that he is going to be spending more time on dental implants and less on check ups.

Should you wish time to deliver more complex and higher value treatments, this involves educating both team and patients over a complete recall cycle to understand that there is going to be no dilution of service and that the patients are not actually being “transferred” but their care is being shared.

I hope that you find these downloads useful.

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