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The End of Treatment Review
Creating a Champions League Team
7 Steps to Time and Task Management
45m vCPD        5 learning resources
48m vCPD      8 learning resources
53m vCPD     6 learning resources
(FREE for Academy Members)
(FREE for Academy Members)
(FREE for Academy Members)
The 12 Point Recommendation Checklist to Massively Increase Patient Referrals
47m vCPD        3 learning resources
(FREE for Academy Members)
The 27 Habits of Champions League Practices
34m vCPD     3 learning resources
Adding life to your treatment plans - the role of Powerpoint
44m vCPD     7 learning resources
(FREE for Academy Members)
(FREE for Academy Members)
Overcoming objections at the point of sale – a quick guide
40m vCPD     4 learning resources
The sensitive subject of bonuses
45m vCPD     3 learning resources
How to do December
37m vCPD     3 learning resources
(FREE for Academy Members)
(FREE for Academy Members)
(FREE for Academy Members)
Gratitude, Impact and Drama
45m vCPD     4 learning resources
(FREE for Academy Members)
Complete Courses
The Complete Money Course
2h 49m CPD      10 modules      30 learning resources
(£199 for Academy Members)
A series of simple steps to take complete beginners on the journey from a blank sheet to a full understanding of just how money flows through a dental business.
"The course is easy to work through and I love the layout, presentation and design."
- Louise Spry
"Very informative. 5 stars."     - Claire Ferguson
The Complete Marketing Course
3h 21m CPD      18 modules      53 learning resources
(£199 for Academy Members)
In this comprehensive course, Chris explains a step by step approach to making sure that you maximise the potential to turn your patients into ambassadors.
"I’d recommend this online course to anyone who is looking to take their practice Marketing to the next level."     - Darsh Patel
"Wonderful. Would recommend to everyone, not just dental!"     - Deborah Steinberger
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The £10m Micro-Corporate

The Daily Huddle

The Patient Experience

Low-Cost Marketing 2020

100 Tips to help you create a world-class dental business


Books and e-Books

Chris has written and co-written a number of books on the business of dentistry

The E-Myth Dentist

Why most dental practices don't work and what to do about it


Profitable Dental Practice

8 Strategies for Building a Practice That Everyone Loves to Visit


The 100% Growth System

How to double your dental practice sales and profit in 36 months (or less)


The Perfect Imperfectionist

11 steps to a better version of yourself


Building the £100m Micro-corporate

7 steps to creating a perfect hub and spoke business model


The Female Principal

Why owning your own dental practice is the toughest thing you will ever do -  and why you cannot resist doing it

The 'Two Reds' Podcast

Chris joins fellow dental business guru Ashley Latter for a monthly podcast interview talking all things business, life and dentistry. 

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Conversations  with Chris

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