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Direction and Momentum

Our adventures in business require both Direction and Momentum to be truly nourishing.

Direction is a strong understanding of where we are going – a relentless pursuit of SMART and ethical goals.

Momentum is the effort that people put in – it is a sign of voluntary hard work by a team who want to get things done because they can see a future for themselves in the Direction we are headed.

Things go right when both are in evidence.

High Momentum + High Direction

Outstanding Business Performance, Brilliant Teams, Great Systems and Amazing Customer Reviews.


Things go wrong when one or both are missing.

High Direction + Low Momentum

Micro-management, Death by WhatsApp, endless email threads, FOMM (fear of making a mistake), Stupid Systems and Burn Out.

High Momentum + Low Direction

The hamster wheel – same stuff, different day. No sense of purpose or progress. Doing it, doing it, doing it.

Low Direction + Low Momentum

Disillusion, High Staff Turnover, Stagnation and Closure


Where are you going to work today?

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