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Why your organisational structure has to evolve if you want your business to grow

To begin with, you can download (free of charge) here an updated version of my suggested organisational structure for a £10m private micro-corporate.

Before you think “I’m never going to achieve £10m in sales, so this is not for me” – pause – download anyway – and reflect on how the various management functions in this structure are covered in your current structure. The only job missing in the smaller business is area manager.

Who is handling:

  1. Finance

  2. Marketing

  3. The Patient Experience, Treatment Co-ordination, Front Desk & Telephony

  4. Clinical Governance/Mentoring/Shadowing

  5. Clinic management and HR

Whether your sales are £500,000, £1.2m or £2.5m – the same responsibilities exist and the job must get done.

The smaller your business, the more chance that all roads lead to you – the proverbial head cook and bottle-washer.

This is where an interesting chicken and egg syndrome exists.

Do I:

  1. increase sales so that I can afford to hire people or

  2. hire people so that I can increase sales?

The leap of faith is in recognising that the correct choice is Option 2 – and that is going to cost you some money in the short term.

Grow the people, build the structure and the sales will follow.

I’d rather you invested in a trainable manager with a great attitude than invest in another marketing campaign or piece of dental kit.

The ROI on good people is priceless.

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