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Why patience should be more of a virtue in your business

Yet again, yesterday, examples of the need for patience in business building.


A delightful conversation with a prospective new client who has been “following my stuff” for years, has embraced many of the ideas we have shared here and across other channels – and finally felt the need to connect with me personally and request some face to face help in moving his business through a glass ceiling.

A beautiful practice first opened 8 years ago – excellent lead generation systems in place but a concern that productivity from the team could be better.

Every now and then things happen more quickly and I am asked to help by a new owner who is purchasing or opening their first practice.

On Thursday I will meet with a former dental associate who contacted me over 6 months ago to request guidance on a proposed practice purchase. I’ve invested my time in that free of charge and, now that contracts are exchanged and the deal is done, I’ll be visiting the premises for the first time to start our formal coaching relationship.


I do notice myself explaining to clients that they need to manage their expectations on how long it takes for good work to bear fruit.

The modern world places so much pressure on us – pressure that can sometimes lead to knee-jerk decisions in life and in business.

“We need results – NOW!”

If that is true, the chances are that you have set your expectations too high, leading to stress and poor decision making (been there, had that t-shirt).

Slow is good – be patient.

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