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The difference between strategy and tactics (and why you need both)


An interesting recipe.

Start with MyDentist closing their practices down in North Yorkshire.

Add a sudden increase in goodwill values offered by competing corporates to complete their private dental land grab.

Stir in orthodontists around the country deciding not to tender for the latest round of UOAs, preferring to go it alone in the private sector.

Sprinkle a frisson of disillusioned post-Foundation dentists who are leaving the profession.


Yet – when my clients email me every week with their progress reports, they don’t talk about any of those macro-economic factors.

They tell me that:

  1. they don’t have enough time to get things done;

  2. they have too much to do;

  3. they are frustrated by the performance and behaviour of the people around them;

  4. they want to grow their business.

The strategist figures out what direction to go in given the national landscape and local conditions.

The tactician constantly works on systems and people to get stuff done efficiently and effectively.

The ostrich buries its head.

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