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The Business Development Manager job description – a free download from a happy man

I’ve had a marvellous week.

Rachel Turner sorted my head out on Monday.

Phillippa Goodwin has moved me effortlessly between Manchester, Milan, London and Surrey.

I’ve chatted with an accountant in Adelaide about financial reporting for our mutual client in Melbourne; with my client in Boston, USA about growth plans for 2019 and beyond.

I’ve stayed connected with new friends in Mumbai.

I’ve created a welcoming video for my forthcoming workshop audiences in South Africa and chatted with a good friend about some ideas for a future retreat in Australia.

I’ve enjoyed a superb day working ON the business with my daughter Rachel.

I’ve been like a kid with a new toy, looking at my new web site and our brand new online learning portal.

Today I’ll be visiting a potential new client in South London, then heading into Marylebone for a Bridge2Aid advisor’s meeting.

Looking back – I consider myself truly blessed by the people I meet and the miracle of modern communication.

I’m in such a good mood this morning I wanted to share something useful with you – so here it is – an updated job description for a Business Development Manager in a dental practice.

This isn’t scripture – we may have missed some things out, you may not agree with what we have included – but that’s OK – in fact, if you have any feedback it would be welcome.

But reading this job description might just help you to envisage the type of person required to take you to the next level – or it may help you evaluate the performance and behaviour of a person you already have in the role.

I just hope it helps.

Have a smashing weekend and thank you for helping me to be able to say:

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