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The architect – why my projects aren’t getting off the ground

A lightbulb moment yesterday, whilst in conversation with my business coach, Rachel Turner (by the way, you know you are getting your money’s worth from your business coach when that happens).

You see, I have a couple of projects on at the moment that can have a huge impact on my future business BUT I’m struggling to create an environment in which things are getting done.

I’m going to use Rachel T’s analogy to illustrate the point:

You are like a visionary who has imagined a skyscraper on the banks of The Thames shaped like an icicle. You hire builders, electricians, plumbers and plasterers and announce “let’s build The Shard!” After a while, the confused workers ask “so where do you want us to start?” and your response is “I haven’t the time for that much detail – why haven’t you started?”

Who is missing from this scenario?

The architect – the person who turns the vision into a detailed plan of action with time, money, people and resources allocated in a SMART way.

In dentistry, that architect can be an effective business development manager, who listens to the vision of the Principal and then translates that into an action plan, leads the people and manages the systems necessary to get the project to completion.

In my coaching practice, I’m missing the architect and I’m definitely struggling to lead and manage the people and the systems necessary to get my projects off the ground.

Who is my architect?

Who is yours?

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