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Taking a 3D approach to teamwork

Problem 1 – same stuff – different day

I have a sense that there are dental teams out there who are waiting for some direction; for the leader to tell them:

  1. where we are heading and

  2. what’s in it for them?

You cannot expect any team to keep their levels of enthusiasm and energy high if they don’t know the answers to the above questions.

Do your team know what your goals are for Quarter 2 and the rest of 2019?

Problem 2 – get out of the way

I have a sense that there are teams who have a lot more to offer and would love to do more but the owner is a micro-manager.

You cannot expect any team to use their initiative if the owner is constantly meddling in minutiae.

Are your team FOMM – frightened of making a mistake?

Problem 3 – are you on or off the bus?

You cannot expect any team to remain focused if there are members of the team who are not fully committed to the aims and objectives of the business.

If you own a business and have invested time and money into that business, you are entitled to expect total commitment from your team.

If a team member wants time off to pursue their own freelance business idea – let them go permanently with your best wishes.

If a team member constantly nit-picks at your ideas, your plans and your core values – just let them go permanently.

People are either on or off the bus (your bus) – period.

Are all of your team on the bus?

The 3D Approach

Three characteristics of Champions League dental businesses:

  1. Direction

  2. Delegation

  3. Dedication

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