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Spotting trends

In amongst the emails I’m ploughing through this week (catch up mode).

Trend 1

CB – here is a prospectus for a 2-chair practice with a £300,000 NHS contract, asking for offers in excess of £700,000 for the goodwill – what do you think?

Clearly there has been no cooling down of the acquisitions market whilst I’ve been overheating in Arabia. Caveat emptor.

Trend 2

CB – we are doing our level best to implement all the human interest marketing ideas that you have given us but we’re struggling to get the buy in from the team – result is not enough check-ins and reviews, selfie photos, testimonials (written or video), proper end of treatment conversations.

Team members either tell us that they are uncomfortable asking, don’t have the time or don’t believe the patients will respond positively.

The challenge here is to identify the team members whose nature it is to believe in marketing and sales – and to work with them to make sure that your morning huddle captures as many opportunities as possible to engage patients and prospects in conversations that can lead to new business and referrals.

The non-believers? Ignore them.

p.s. – the patients mostly believe.

Trend 3

CB – I’ve done the financial analysis you asked for and realised that I can no longer afford to keep paying 50% to low-producing associates and £35 an hour to hygienists and therapists even when the chair is empty – where do I start?

The secret here isn’t to implement draconian pay cuts – it’s to increase productivity. That requires training, mentoring and a first class marketing plan.

Trend 4

CB – can we have a chat about your coaching services please – I need some help.


Very glad to be back.

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