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Would you like a personal best in 2020?

I’m just about to complete my best year in business.

As well as crediting my superb support team (thank you Phillippa and Rachel). I’m also going to pay tribute to my business coach.

Rachel Turner, taught me how to change my thinking, demonstrated how to build a better business model, accepted no nonsense and kept me focused throughout.

Result – a personal best in 2019 and my calendar 85% sold out for 2020 (my best-ever start to a new year).

Even the coach has a coach.

Yesterday I roared with delight as my son Joshua crossed the finish line at the Pisa marathon in an astonishing 2:45:45.

He hired a professional running coach, who has mentored him for the last year, taught him about his nutrition and training cycles, accepted no nonsense and kept him focused throughout.

Result – 34th in the race, a personal best some 15+ minutes better than anything he has achieved before.

That’s what coaching provides:

  1. Education – how to do what you do more efficiently and effectively;

  2. System – working with you to create a methodology that will move you forward;

  3. Accountability – making sure you take the right steps along the way;

  4. Focus – bringing you back on track every time the devil of self-doubt on your shoulder whispers in your ear.

Result – phenomenal improvement.

Coaching brings out the best in us – whether it’s in business, sport or any other area of our lives.

Why not make a New Year’s resolution NOW to hire a coach in 2020 – you’ll be hitting personal bests sooner than you think.

If you would like to learn how coaching can help you just email

I’ll offer you a complimentary call to learn how to release the potential in you and your business.

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