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Day 1 in Mumbai and an ambitious agenda

So it’s 06:15am for me and 12:45am for you (if you are in my home time zone) as I write this blog post, listening to the call to prayer outside my hotel room in Mumbai and getting myself prepared for day 1 of a 2-day workshop here with my friend and client Manish Chitnis.

Having managed a total of 8 hours sleep in the last 24 (albeit in instalments) I know enough about these things to be confident that the adrenalin will kick in at 09:00 this morning and a busy day will follow.

I’m told that we have sold 71 of the 65 available tickets (!), so let battle commence.

My hosts are Dental Business Masters and this gig is a DBM Intense module for the diehard followers of Manish and his team.

By way of comparison with other dental markets globally, I thought you might like to read the agenda we intend to cover in the next 48 hours (and I’ll offer some observations afterwards):

  1. Phone calls and initial contact;

  2. Email scripts and letter templates;

  3. Communication team roles and responsibilities;

  4. Welcome team roles and responsibilities;

  5. Role of a treatment coordinator;

  6. Creating a role of TCO in your practice;

  7. A triage call;

  8. Triage call scripts:

  9. Importance of telephonic consultations;

  10. Video consultations:

  11. Face to face suitability appointment & role of TCO:

  12. Using lead magnets during the suitability appointment:

  13. Using tripwires during the suitability appointment;

  14. Comprehensive dental assessment and the 35-point checklist;

  15. Co-discovery appointment – how to do it;

  16. Treatment plan presentation – team work;

  17. WOW-factor creation – tips during appointments;

  18. WOW-factor creation during the last treatment appointment;

  19. The end of treatment protocol and The MRCREST List;

  20. Dental practices and membership plans;

  21. Essential systems in your practice;

  22. Interviewing your team members;

  23. Performance appraisal of team members;

  24. Building a dream team;

  25. Discipline and team work;

  26. Team profiling;

  27. Emotional intelligence;

  28. Building a strong team.

Phew – 2 days to get through that.

My observation – is that the programme content would be applicable anywhere around the world – simply because the internet, the smartphone and social media have homogenised us to a greater extent than ever.

I love public speaking, love “bar stool coaching” and love the dental audiences I get to meet – so you can probably expect me to be in my zone all day today.

It will also be a lovely change to co-present with Manish and I’ll have to keep a careful eye on the pace of my delivery – similar to running a marathon with a buddy – not too fast or slow and encouraging each other along when we hit our tired moments.

With an agenda like this – I doubt I’ll have much trouble sleeping tonight.

Here we go….making a difference.

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