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Why blog? What to blog about? Two new examples of excellent dental blog posts

Over the last 48 hours I’ve been asked to comment on two new dental practice blog posts, both written by team members.

My feedback was that they were wonderful because:

  1. they weren’t directly about BDS – boring dental stuff;

  2. they were authentic and full of human interest;

  3. they were well written.

Here they are:

I have already personally congratulated Cara from Christchurch Dental and Amy from The Briars for jobs well done – and continue to encourage them to do more.

Why blog?

Because patients have different preferences when it comes to reading online – some on social media channels, some via a blog and others via newsletters. The audience numbers may be different but part of marketing is a numbers game.

We all have to get noticed in as many places as possible.

Nobody said that blogging was easy and, yet again, I found myself sharing the bloggers mantra with Keith and Gillian Preston who hosted me at Coatbridge Family Dental on the outskirts of Glasgow yesterday:

In the last 24 hours, what has happened to me, personally or professionally, good or bad, that is of any use to pass on to others as a metaphor for my message?
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