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When does a 99% failure rate become a success story?

A week ago today I was kicking off Stars of Dentistry (where did that week go?).

One speaker who approached me after my light-hearted opening was American Dr. Robert Ritter, who suggested that we had much in common when it comes to seeing social media as a primary way to drive our internal human interest marketing.

Later that day I attended his fascinating lecture, describing how Instagram and Facebook have become the backbone of his new patient acquisition, generating digital recommendations from existing patients.

There was one stand-out comment that I’ve been meaning to share with you all week.

He asked the audience the following question:

“we see around 100 patients a day in our dental office and our team are drilled to seek and request Facebook and Google reviews – on average, how many reviews a day do you think we enjoy?”

The answer was ONE.

99% of the time it either doesn’t happen or isn’t a success.

However, with a 1% success ratio on asking for reviews, they grow inexorably – 1 a day, 5 a week, 20 a month, 240 a year.

I’ve been so keen to share that with the many long-suffering marketing champions and managers, who email me to say that they feel like failures because they cannot engage the team or the patients in a steady flow of selfies, check ins, reviews and video testimonials.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a slow, relentless process.

Daily conversations at The Morning Huddle to identify potential targets, forming the habit of asking and accepting that a 99% failure rate is OK.

1% is infinitely better than 0% and 1% for 100 days will build your practice to 100% visibility online.

Day in, day out – KOKO – keep on keeping on.

Set yourself a target of 1 review a day.

Start today.

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