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What if your mission statement was just three words?

Following on from a comment I made in yesterday’s post…

We know that a business plan is denominated in time and numbers – X profit in Y months, A sales of product B in C weeks – and so on.

Business plans are about what we do.

We measure with spreadsheets.

We know that a mission statement is denominated in behaviours – happy team, clients/patients, suppliers, owners, investors.

Mission statements are about the way we do things.

We measure by what other people say about us when we are not there.

Here’s a thought – what if your mission statement for 2018 were just three words?

Respect – Warmth – Humour

I suspect that the achievement of your business plan would become much easier.

p.s. What people say about us when we are not there now includes online reviews – and prospective new patients are taking a lot of notice. Most of their reviews will be about your behaviours, not your performance.

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