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We need an EOTC in our teams

There’s a need for the recognition of a new role in dental practice – the EOTC – End of Treatment Co-ordinator.

I’ve said much about the End of Treatment Protocol, the MRCREST list and the MRCREST SCORECARD in this blog. The requisite sales aids are freely available from the resources section of my web site HERE.

It was brought home to me in a conversation with Irish orthodontist (and client) Dr. Stephen Moore that perhaps a more serious attention to the importance and the detail of the End of Treatment Review might be achieved if a person or persons were recognised to have a special aptitude for and responsibility in the EOTC role.

  1. to advise the patient, early in their journey, that an End of Treatment Review will form an important part of their experience;

  2. to outline the content of that Review so that the patient can be appropriately dressed, made up (if photography or videography is involved) and primed in advance to answer the right questions (see below for a reminder);

  3. to conduct the End of Treatment Review and gain consents;

  4. to ensure that the resulting marketing collateral is published, posted, broadcast in appropriate digital and print media channels;

  5. to ensure that, where appropriate, the patient is enrolled in your preventative maintenance programme.

To have a robust protocol is to ensure that your business grows through recommendation.

To have a person designated as responsible and accountable for that makes sense.

The four questions to ask a patient who is providing a testimonial: how did you hear about the practice? what brought you to us? can you describe your customer service experience? what difference has the treatment made?
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