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Two Reds Are Better Than One Season 3 Episode 4 – From Opening Garage Doors to Opening the Doo

Given the choice between continuing her academic studies at university and getting into the workplace, Ali began her working life on the bottom rung of a company selling garage doors.

After years of graft she became employee #1 in a three-person agency that was subsequently acquired by a global company – moving overnight from a team of 4 to be one of 2,500 people worldwide.

Ali learned her trade pioneering digital marketing before most of us even had a web site, educating companies like Britannia Building Society and Lloyds Bank way back in 2001 that there was more to marketing than direct mail shots and expensive print media.

She pioneered new marketing systems for clients such as Travelodge and MoneySupermarket, showing them how carefully planned and measured email campaigns could show predictable results and a positive Return on Investment.

A turning point came in 2009, when she started consulting for a small company with a new product for the orthodontic market in Europe – Invisalign.

When she and business partner Cam Brewer decided to “go it alone” in 2014, they were successful in taking the Invisalign account with them and are still responsible for their European marketing programmes. Then came an innovative new software product that allowed dental teams to measure and monitor their new patient acquisitions – and DenGro was born, a company that is now extending it’s capabilities into multiple treatment modalities, internationally and new vertical markets.

In this podcast you will be captivated by Ali’s natural enthusiasm and willingness to always “give it a go”. You will learn:

  1. how to start at the bottom and rise to the top;

  2. why you need ambassadors inside organisations to facilitate change;

  3. how a small company can benefit from a big opportunity;

  4. why data is everything in marketing;

  5. what’s good and bad about Facebook advertising;

  6. why relationships are the key to longevity in business;

  7. how you can empower your team to convert more leads into patients.

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Episode Length: 42 minutes 7 seconds

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