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Deciding Whether to Own a Practice

Buying your First Practice

Buying Subsequent Practices

Opening a Squat Practice

Getting Ready to Sell

The Sale


Building your Marketing Systems

Understanding your Finances

Exploring Growth Strategies

Expansion into Multiple Locations


Delivering the Patient Experience

Introducing TCOs

Becoming a Leader

Building Managers and Teams

Personal Effectiveness and Balance

"Working with Chris Barrow will give you the tools to drive your practice forward as his 23 years of experience and coaching are tried and tested - they work! That’s why #CBismycoach."

Extreme Business
Read, watch, listen, LEARN...
The Complete Money Course
2h 49m CPD      10 modules      30 learning resources
(£199 for Academy Members)
A series of simple steps to take complete beginners on the journey from a blank sheet to a full understanding of just how money flows through a dental business.
"Easy to work through and I love the layout, presentation and design."     - Louise
The Complete Marketing Course
3h 21m CPD      18 modules      53 learning resources
(£199 for Academy Members)
In this comprehensive course, Chris explains a step by step approach to making sure that you maximise the potential to turn your patients into ambassadors.
"Engaging, interesting and thought provoking. The perfect beginners course."     - David

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