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Top Hats, Toast and Moments of Truth – the revival

The 2017/18 Practice Plan Workshop Tour with myself and Sheila Scott was such a success that we were approached by Simon Tucker from Dental Sky and asked whether we could offer some additional dates for non-PP practices.

With the permission of Practice Plan, we are taking the tour to three extra locations this year (and I include links to the Eventbrite Pages here):

This is a day on which your team can

  1. learn how to collaborate more closely

  2. learn how to make tough decisions

  3. learn how to create protocols

  4. discuss how to improve your patient experience

… a way that will educate, entertain and capture their attention.

Before you ask, we have persuaded Sheila to come out of retirement in order to support her adopted cycling team.

The Tour was an absolute blast and I’m looking forward to this brief revival and to helping more dental teams to enjoy a fascinating day out.

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