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Today in London I’ll be helping 47 people to understand the numbers in the business of dentist

Today, at The Extreme Business 2018 London workshop – we cover The Money Sessions.

Here’s the agenda:

Workshop 2 – The Money Sessions

08:30 Arrival and coffee

09:00 Welcome and introductions for the day

  1. • Review of the last quarter

  2. o What were your most significant accomplishments?

  3. o What were the mains things you would like to have achieved but didn’t?

  4. o What tolerations, obstacles or roadblocks do you need to address?

  5. o What issues or challenges are you facing right now?

  6. • The next quarter

  7. o What are the biggest wins you can make in Q2?

10:30 Coffee

11:00 The Money Sessions – Part 1

  1. • How do you collect and review your financial information?

  2. • Understanding your profit and loss statement;

  3. • Benchmarks for performance;

  4. • Creating budgets and cash flow forecasts;

  5. • Understanding the significance of OCPSPD.

12:30 Lunch

13:30 The Money Sessions – Part 2

  1. • Measuring and managing clinician productivity and profitability;

  2. • Accurate pricing;

  3. • Tips on how to ethically maximise profit;

  4. • Calculating the value of your practice.

15:00 Coffee

15:30 The next 90 days

  1. • Your goals for Q2

  2. • Open house – market overview and Q&A with Coach Barrow

17:00 Close

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