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The Quarter is Dead – Long Live The Quarter! It’s time to reflect and then to plan.

Today I’m with the delegates at The Campbell Academy Business Course (talking numbers, marketing and the characteristics of independent practices who will prosper in the next 10 years).

Then the train home.

We all need a rest this weekend – some time to connect with our family, friends and ourselves.

Saturday night heralds the end of Q1 – the first quarter of the year complete.

In the next few days you can take some time out to think about how 2018 has been going so far and what your plans are for Q2 and beyond.

I mentioned a few days ago that I’m about to accelerate that process by using the Full Focus Planner created by Michael Hyatt.

This weekend I will complete the video tutorials on how to use the system effectively.

I’ve decided to become an even more serious player in Q2, focused on my mission, vision, roles and goals to an even greater extent than before.

Attached here are a couple of goal-planning sheets that I use with my clients to help them establish their areas of focus every three months. You may find them useful.

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