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The power of a good testimonial and what happens when you switch the PPC off

“CB is my coach because his experience and advice combined with him holding you accountable drives you to be the best you can be in the business of dentistry.” Aaron Yusuf Ridgeway Dental – Wimbledon, London

That’s the power of the testimonial – when a person that you trust, tells you that they trust another person.

Which does have you thinking why businesses (including dental) go to so much trouble to try and attract complete strangers to their door?

So I pose a question:

  1. how many of those strangers are looking for a dentist that they can trust, respect and like?

  2. how many of those strangers are looking for a price?

Here’s an interesting story.

Last night a client sent me this review of their web site traffic:

You can see here that web traffic has been steadily building all year – that as a result of a £200 pcm PPC Google Adwords campaign on implants.

We decided to switch off the campaign last month, just to see what would happen.

Well there you have it.

I’ll be going back to the client this morning to ask whether that has manifested itself in the number of new patient enquiries, first consults, treatment plans issued and plans converted into sales.

It might take 3 months to build an accurate picture.

It’s only when we get those numbers that a proper assessment can be made.

If enquiries, consults and sales are down – I’ll be ready to eat my hat.

In the meantime (sorry to nag), it is essential that the practice continue with their end of treatment protocol (see yesterday’s post).

I’ll be interested to keep an eye on the PPC Google Adwords campaign and I’ll keep you posted as well.

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