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The Monthly Management Meeting

I’ve been using the same agenda for client meetings (as modernised) for over 20 years in dentistry.

This is one of the most important bits of paper in my business coaching life.

The prompt for including this is that I updated the agenda this week to include important new subjects for discussion:

  1. Lifecycle Marketing review

  2. Digital Marketing review

As a 100% Growth business coach, my aim is to chair that meeting in your practice, once a month for 3 hours, with you and your management team.

My objective is to:

  1. make sure all the points are understood

  2. if there are skill shortages, train the appropriate people so that they can do the job

  3. make sure that you Consider, then Decide, then Act (no action = no point in having the meeting)

  4. make sure that any agreed actions have a deadline and a person accountable

  5. hold you and your managers accountable

I’m a tough chairman – zero tolerance.

Here’s the thing.

If you already have all these agenda items covered and you are happy with them – you don’t need someone like me.

If you don’t have all the bases covered but you are going to download this PDF, hand it to your management team and say “get this done”, expecting that it will get done – then you don’t need someone like me.

If you’re not so certain then you need someone like me to make this happen.

It takes me 6 months to create an empowered manager or management team who will get this agenda nailed every month.

Let me know if you need me to chair your meetings.

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