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CTS – the 3 characteristics that make for great customer service team members

Any team member who is going to be discussing treatment or payment options with a patient has to display three basic characteristics.

Knowing them might help you to choose your best players for this role (or help at the interview stage).

The characteristics are confidence, technique and style.

Confidence is like bravery.

It is the ability to hold a lack of self-confidence in control and to work from your strengths (not your weaknesses) when the going gets tough.

Confident people are full of doubt but they don’t let you see it, they learn to embrace that doubt and show up anyway.

“How can I help?” is one of the most confident questions you could ever ask a patient.

Technique is acquired through training.

Lifelong learners are always searching to improve their technique with marginal gains.

They read books, attend courses, absorb online tutorials, go to conferences and ask to shadow those ahead of them.

Technique is never finished – it evolves through a process of continuous adaptation.

Style is your unique way of showing up in the world.

Style is about adapting the technique to your way of communicating and interacting with the world.

Style is a smile, it’s empathy, it’s good listening and the ability to articulate your arguments.

Stylish people seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Style is the way you dress and the way you organise your time.

Style is efficiency, effectiveness and having the time of your life in a way that all those around you can tell.


When you are looking to internally promote or externally recruit:

  1. Front desk

  2. TCO

  3. Marketing

People whose performance and behaviour are going to grow your business…

Make sure that Confidence, Technique and Style are in abundance.

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