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The Money

Yesterday I talked about The Message and The Method.

Today let’s talk about The Money – how you spend your marketing budget (you do have one – don’t you?).

Creating a financial marketing plan for 2017 is essential and yet so many practices I meet have nothing much pre-planned.

Very often investment in marketing is reactive to patient numbers and how busy or gappy the book has become.

A sage once said “you don’t dig a well in a drought, you dig a well when it’s raining.”

In your case, when it’s raining patients, it’s time to do marketing.

No matter how busy you are (in fact especially if you ARE busy), now is the time to allocate resources and decide exactly what, where, when and how you are going to communicate your audiences (existing patients/referrals/strangers) next year.

Just in case you are having trouble getting started, here is a simple Excel template that hopefully can kick-start your thinking, conversation and allocation of finances to various marketing activities.

It is an unlocked file, so feel free to adapt to your own circumstances.

The difference between having a financial marketing plan and not having a financial marketing plan is……

……having one.

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