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The email patient newsletter isn’t an option – and here are three of my favourites

The monthly email patient newsletter isn’t an optional marketing activity that you might get around to if anybody can find the time.

The newsletter is an essential way of nurturing both existing patients and potential new patients over (occasionally) long time periods, whilst they get themselves ready to ask you about treatment.

The 80/15/5 rule applies to your newsletter content:

  1. 80% patient stories

  2. 15% team stories

  3. 5% OHE (a.k.a. BDS – boring dental stuff)

Mailchimp is the world-recognised leading platform for newsletter design and distribution and a talented Millennial in your team will learn how to use the application in no time at all.

There are some Practice Management Software providers who will suggest that you use their in-built newsletter modules, thus escaping the need to export a patient database across. Personally, I find such modules clunky and less aesthetically pleasing than the market leader. Just saying.

Here are 3 examples of practices creating great newsletters:

I’ve linked you to the latest copy available but each of them has back-issues to inspire you.

The newsletters are issued to a database of patients and prospects but can also be repurposed across all of your social media channels.

Somehow, in the three-ring circus that we call dental practice, these dental teams have found the time to collect and collate the content and publish.

All of them will tell you that this is driving new business to their door.

As usual, it requires time and commitment to make this happen – an attitude of mind that makes the newsletter a priority.

Top tip 1 – don’t wait around for your clinicians to provide content, they will mostly be “too busy”.

Top tip 2 – it is going to be read on a smartphone – make sure it can be.

Top tip 3 – anything between 20-30% is an excellent open rate.

A patient newsletter is an investment of time that will pay you back.

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