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The best R&D team in the world

So I am close to the finish line of an exhausting week.

Monday – management meeting.

Tuesday – Manchester dental workshop.

Wednesday – Belfast dental workshop.

Thursday – Watford dental workshop.

Friday – Reading coaches workshop.

The delivery, travel and business maintenance make these the most exciting but tiring weeks of my professional life.

I am writing this post in Bracknell on Friday morning (in a very nice upgraded room at the Hilton – birds singing outside my balcony) and reflecting on what I like best about the road trips.

What I like best is the feedback from clients on what is happening to them day by day in practice.

I have learned this week that:

  1. dentists are hating the “New Contract” and the world of UDA’s;

  2. more and more are deciding on the private route;

  3. teams are in full support (and when they are not they need to go);

  4. patients are ready to buy private dentistry because “the people are nicer” – it’s not about dentistry, its about customer service

  5. the whole profession is ready to change.

I want to be at the forefront of that change – my head is spinning with ideas.

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