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The 4 important questions to ask a patient who agrees to a video testimonial

There are some questions asked so frequently that this blog becomes a way of creating a permanent record so that I can direct folks to the answer by sharing a link.

“What questions should I ask a patient who agrees to a video testimonial?”

There is rarely a week that goes by now without this coming up – indicating that more practices are keeping an smartphone, tablet or camcorder on site to capture quick videos after an end of treatment review – or that they are inviting patients back to formal recording sessions with independent videographers.

So here goes:

  1. “How did you first hear about us?” (Note: not “how did you find us?” – this is likely to generate a false read for your marketing research)

  2. “What brought you to us?” (You are interested to discover what trigger event occurred in the patient’s life – a wedding, anniversary, retirement, change of marital status – this will give you a clue as to what motivates new patients and when)

  3. “What was it like to be a patient of the practice?” (Can you describe your customer service experience?)

  4. “What difference did the treatment make?” (Did we help you to achieve your desired outcome?)

Video gets watched – so if you want to decrease the bounce rate on your web site and increase the number of followers and the level of engagement on your social media channels, collecting effective video testimonials is a must do.

p.s. make sure you get those consent forms signed!

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