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Smiling at work

Working at the Edinburgh Airport Hilton today. I think they must have had a customer service initiative that prohibits any member of staff smiling at a guest. Arrived late last night and the reception team were busy dealing with countless visitors to the Open Golf. Receptionist and bar staff wouldn’t smile and even complained verbally and within earshot of guests as to how busy they were. Breakfast room staff this morning were unbelievable – no eye contact, no smile (same team on at lunch). Chef told me at 1.00pm that he hoped my clients would eat quickly because he was due to go home at 3.00pm. Two shining stars in this sea of ineptitude. Walter, the airport bus driver – pleasant and fun – and the Scottish lady who has served me with three cappuccinos so far – nothing has been too much trouble – oh, and Alan the conference manager. The rest of them are just miserable. And its a Hilton – its a franchise and they are supposed to have this nailed because its a franchise. Are your team smiling at your customers today?

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