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A wonderful professional day, yesterday: 1. a 4-hour meeting with an accountant to deconstruct and reconstruct my future cash flow forecasts and my net worth statement. Principally, I have properties for sale in Manchester and Florida and wanted to calculate a sale price for both that would represent an accurate mathematical compromise between losing equity and continuing with mortgage payments. This we did and I will now be re-marketing them. Secondly, to look at expenses and make cuts where possible. Thirdly, to calculate revised sales targets for the business. We accomplished all of these tasks and I now have a “to do” list to attack over the coming weeks BUT a much clearer vision of where I am going financially in the next 9 months. 2. A second interview with a prospective business manager to replace Barbara – which resulted in my offering the job formally and her accepting! She must go through a resignation with her current employer, so her identity will be a secret until then – but I am delighted and full of confidence that we can now proceed to an orderly and secure transition. I am creating a new “business family” around me at the moment and this is a major step forward. 3. A call from Paul Nelson in the afternoon to confirm paperwork completed for a new client in The Dental Business School. We are returning to an actively (but very professionally) sales-driven organisation, after a few years of largely passive marketing and lead conversion. I’m putting my ninja warrior gear back on – and I’m thoroughly enjoying the cut and chase of lead conversion with Paul. 4. Dinner last night with a dental practice who are attending their fourth DBS workshop in Exeter today. We dined at The Barcelona and you know how much I enjoy boutique hotels. Lovely food and environment, lots of laughs and a rather late night to end a fun day.

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