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Probably the most beautiful dental clinic I have ever visited

It would be churlish of me not to publicly thank Violeta Claus for an extraordinary weekend in Luxembourg and for her generous hospitality.

I posted two 60-second videos yesterday on my Facebook Profile and on Instagram/Twitter – they have gone predictably viral as they showcase her original (9-year old) 3-chair, first-floor clinic and the newer 5-chair expansion into the ground floor of her Kirchberg base – add to that the juice bar that shares the downstairs clinic (operated and managed in the family) and you have one of the most futuristic and aesthetically adventurous clients I have worked with.

This is my second stint as business coach with Violeta and her team – my first trip was over 3 years ago to advise on growth in the 3-chair location.

Credit to the client here for a bigger vision – to expand, increase overheads and shoot for the the stars. A vision that, like happens to the the rest of us, has produced it’s fair share of sleepless nights and stress.

I’m back in now to assist in the second phase of the expansion, bringing new services into the clinic, recruiting clinicians, team members and, of course, patients.

All of this, by the way, in a regulatory environment that prohibits external marketing – yes – you read that correctly.

On Saturday we walked the streets of old Luxembourg, talking strategically about future options. That evening, over a splendid dinner, we began the tactical conversation on how to get stuff done.

Sunday morning was all about spreadsheets and mind maps.

I’m very excited to be back involved with this amazing lady – a Female Principal who should be an inspiration to her peers.

Here are the videos again, in case you missed them – 1-minute each.

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