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One device to rule them all. Are we witnessing the death of the web site and computers?

I’ll give it 5 years – top side – and there will be no such thing as a web site.

What there will be is a social media platform that incorporates all of your financial transactions, travel, work, play and chatbots that automatically communicate to organise your life.

Did you see yesterday’s newsletter from The Medical Futurist, Dr. Bertalan Mesko, who featured the live demonstration of Google Assistant booking a hair appointment with a real receptionist who didn’t know she was chatting to a computer-generated avatar?

What we are seeing in real time is the demise of the desktop computer (iMacs now account for a minute proportion of Apple’s sales), the laptop and the tablet – all of which will be replaced by ever more resourceful smartphones.

By 2023, you and I will be conducting most of our lives via smartphone, whether it’s the iPhone 15 plus, or one of those less fashionable devices.

As a business, or as a person, you had better be ready.

Anyone fancy going down on the record with “that will never happen”?

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