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No matter how you feel – it’s showtime!

Confidence isn’t a state of mind that one acquires after becoming successful.

Confidence is a verb – it’s a behaviour that we have to get up and do every day, no matter how we really feel, IN ORDER TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL.

The phrase “fake it until you make it” doesn’t apply where your own safety or that of others is at stake.

I don’t want an airline pilot to fake it until she makes it.

I don’t want my implants to be placed by a dentist who is faking it until he makes it.

(mind you – I have heard stories of dentists watching procedures on You Tube whilst the patient waits in reception)

But when it comes to leadership – that’s when sometimes you have to fake it.

Confession time – there have been occasions in my career when I’ve walked on stage at a dental conference, in a workshop or face to face with a team/client – knowing that I’m sitting in the middle of a professional or personal disaster.

Even so, the job description for the gig said “inspire the audience” and so that’s what I did.

The same goes in your practice today.

No matter how you feel, this morning the lights will dim, the band will strike up, the curtains will open and…..


So, with the best will in the world, 80% of the time you arrive for that morning huddle feeling like a million dollars, 20% you arrive feeling like cXXp.

Either way – confidence is what you do.

Because if you’re not confident, we’re not confident.

So go on – shine today.

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