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Monthly management meeting

Yesterday I met with Barbara Trotter and our new Business Development Manager, Paul Nelson. About two-thirds of our meeting was concerned with launching Paul into our community of dentists so as to begin the process of recruiting a targeted 120 clients for The Dental Business School in 2006. We agreed that our order of play would be as follows: 1. contact existing DBS 2005 clients to ascertain who will be staying another year in the programme; 2. contact all attendees at the various guest “gigs” I have presented at this year (notably Talking Points 2005 and Better Practice 2005 but also those who took our welcome pack and audio from the Dental Showcase 2005); 3. contact the extensive database we have of those expressing an interest in DBS over the last 8 years; 4. contact our ezine readers; 5. firm up arrangements with potential Strategic Alliance partners; 6. contact former DBS clients. You wouldn’t think it would be that difficult to find just 120 business owners who desired 30% more profit in 25% less hours – especially when: 1. we have over 400 happy former clients who speak well of us and 2. the UK dental market is in a state of flux and many dentists are looking for change? But it is difficult – because they are busy professional service firm owners, working under pressure and sometimes could win a gold medal for procrastination. I reminded Paul yesterday of the old adage: 10% of dentists will make something happen 20% of dentists will have something happen to them 70% of dentists will not know anything has happened. So marketing is about making a compelling offer to the 10% who want to change for the better. We know how to create a community and an environment in which that change will happen – and happen more quickly. You would think they would beat down our door? No – Paul will have to hook, reel and land every one of them. I hope he does! I like him a lot and want him to be a permanent member of Team CB.

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