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Hypocrisy in priority and time management – a confession

Here’s today’s blog, somewhat later than usual as I’m in “catch up” mode after working all weekend at The Spring Client Retreat (which was extremely interesting and inspirational).

Yesterday, during my train ride home from London to Manchester, I reviewed and answered most of this week’s crop of weekly reports from Owners and Managers.

I’m always keeping my eye out for any trends and there was a stand-out theme is the last week’s feedback:

“I didn’t get everything done.”

Ironic isn’t it? That I’m late writing this because I didn’t get everything done either.

The explanation is that I’m on day 8 of 12 “on the road” and that only ONE of those 12 days has been dedicated to working ON my business (that was Tuesday last week).

To make matters worse, the next day I have planned to work ON things is Thursday 10th May – that’s another 11 working days from today, before I get a chance to stop and think.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a classic case of coaching hypocrisy on my part.


I’m sorry.

I preach 1 day ON and 4 days IN.

That’s 20% of our time thinking and planning, 80% of our time delivering.

In April/May I practice 2 days on and 19 days IN.

That’s 10% of my time thinking and planning and 90% of my time delivering.

That balance is so delicate that the difference between 20% and 10% brings me to my knees and my business evolution to halt.

So I’m out of balance, reading my client’s weekly reports, telling me that they are out of balance.

What’s to be done?

For me – probably some work when I’m at home this weekend (again) and disappointed support from the leading lady.

In the longer term, a recognition that I need to get my head back into my calendar and review that ON/IN ratio, making sure that the balance is restored to 20/80.

I’ll be asking all my clients to do the same.

Back to the drawing board – when we get a minute.

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