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How Facebook dominates UK social media usage and what you have to do every day

In the UK alone, there are 42 million of us accessing Facebook every day and the majority via a mobile device.

To understand just how dominant Facebook has become in our online and search activity, take a look at the following:

  1. UK social media networks ranked by size:

  1. the extent to which Facebook has equalled Google as a search engine – predominantly for lifestyle related enquiries:

So, although the demographic peak of UK facebook users remains early 30’s, the long tail of users into their 60’s and 70’s continues to grow, as us “oldies” accept that Facebook is an effective way of communicating with each other, our children, grandchildren and friends.

You can see from the first chart that Google+ just never took off and that Instagram has only just started, in spite of the tsunami of dental practices using it as a photographic diary of events.

The main event remains Facebook for the time being.

Which means that every practice has the following responsibilities:

  1. to create and maintain an active Facebook Page for the practice;

  2. to follow my rules on content:

  3. 80% patient stories, 15% owner and team stories, 5% BDS (boring dental stuff – unless you are a specialist referral practice)

  4. to post daily;

  5. to ask all patients who have their own Facebook profile to check-in at the practice;

  6. to ask those patients who check-in to write reviews of the practice;

  7. to target over 1,000 followers (and beyond);

  8. to target over 100 reviews (and beyond);

  9. to tie this in with their CSR programme by creating charity check-ins and reviews;

  10. to run competitions, surveys and polls;

  11. to educate.

Here are a few of my favourite Dental Practice Facebook Pages:

They aren’t all following the rules above but they are heading in that direction – it takes time.

It’s an important part of your 2018 business growth plan that you make Facebook a central part of your internal marketing.

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