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Head in a spin

Yes – I’ve reached that point in the day where I’m looking at my computer screen and nothing is happening – because – my brain is frazzled.

A 6-hour conversation with Phillippa Goodwin on the subject of our very own:

  1. 90-day goals

  2. Tasks to 31st December 2010

  3. Strategic Plan for 2011-2012

  4. Overall End Game for 2018 (my 65th)

  5. Activity Plan beyond 2018

And individual conversations in each of the above categories around:

  1. Financial targets

  2. Branding

  3. Marketing and Social Media

  4. Service Offer

  5. Customer Relationship Management

  6. Team CB and Operational Systems

  7. Leadership & Management

  8. Personal and Professional Time Management

At the end of which, we both staggered out of The Shed in Falmouth with

  1. even longer “to do” lists

  2. a mind-map

  3. steam coming out of our ears

  4. a commitment to have turned all of this into a workable plan by 1st September 2010

This evening – energised, excited and exhausted.

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