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Free download – The End of Treatment Protocol – a 5-step reminder

The main purpose of a daily huddle is to identify those patients coming to the end of a course of (probably cosmetic) treatment (EOT) and who are emotionally primed to become advocates for your practice.

This morning I’m offering a free download called “The End of Treatment Protocol” – a simple reminder and checklist of the key conversation points with that delighted patient:

  1. do we have your email address and permission to add you to our newsletter database?

  2. may we hand over 3 of our business cards?

  3. can we take an Instagram “selfie”?

  4. have you checked in on Facebook?

  5. would you please write a Google/Facebook/other review?

  6. is it possible to collect a written or video testimonial?

  7. we would like to explain the benefits of our membership plan.

A reminder – not all of these questions for every EOT patient – a conversation about which of these requests will be made and by whom.

The download is intended as an aide-memoire for those involved in the EOT conversation.

02319 End of Treatment Protocol pdf FINAL

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