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Finding your “happy cadence” in business

The word cadence has to do with rhythm, the rhythm of sounds in nature, of music, of a person’s voice.

In exercise, we recognise cadence as the rhythm of a runner or cyclist; the “happy cadence” described by my physiotherapist as the pace at which I’m not damaging myself and can carry on running or cycling for hours.

Cadence in business is how often a regular events occurs.

For cadence to be effective, it has to be regular and maintained, so that the ear or the body – the patients or the team can become used to things being reliable.

It is in that reliability that performance becomes effortless. Things just get done.

The cadence of the morning huddle.

The cadence of the new patient consultation.

The cadence of the treatment plan presentation.

The cadence of the end of treatment protocol.


The way that you develop your “happy cadence” in business is to train, to practice and to rehearse, until your ideal is perfected.

Then the rhythm of your business creates it’s own sounds and they are easy on the ears, the eyes and the soul.

Imagine a business like that.

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