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Building GDP referrals – Part 3 – what your web site needs to say to other dentists

Yesterday I spelled out the key components for a web site that patients will want to look around after they have been referred.

Today, let’s take a quick look at what other dentists (and their TCOs and managers) are looking for when they look at you.

  1. An easy to follow referral process – a step by step guide on how to refer a patient – the easier you can make that for dentist and team the better. Either give them the ability to complete the necessary admin online (and submit digitally) or a downloadable form that can be completed manually (along with all supporting paperwork);

  2. Details on how patients can be referred for digital imaging (an essential service to offer and also a great way to nurture relationships with potential new referrers);

  3. A curriculum of training courses that you are able to offer to clinicians and their support team (we will talk more about your Study Club/Academy in a later post);

  4. Yesterday I nominated Norfolk Dental Specialists (NDS) as my favourite referral web site – you will notice their reference to a buying group, established for referring GDPs and administered by the team at NDS – why not? It makes absolute sense;

  5. An online “jobs board” that can be used by you and referring members to advertise vacancies;

  6. Access to a series of downloadable/streaming “lunch and learn” videos for clinicians and/or team;

  7. Access to printable versions of all of your main patient literature/brochure/forms.

I promised to share with you links to some of my favourite sites – in fact, I’ll go one further – the link below will allow you access to ALL of my favourite digital platforms for both GDP and referral practices.

Tomorrow, we take a look at blogs and newsletters.

My favourite sites are HERE.

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