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Back at work

Sometimes life happens too quickly to keep up with blogging. The final professional days of last week were very busy with looking at potential new office premises and attending team meetings. Also, on Friday, I said a sad “goodbye”to Barbara Trotter, my trusty business manager for the last 2 years. After a holiday weekend here in the UK, I’m back at the coalface this morning, catching up on over 75 client and team emails from the back end of last week and focusing my head on the coming few days. Today is set aside for my biggest client, who has hired me for 10 days this year to facilitate the meetings of his marketing team and help get his lead generation and lead conversion systems buzzing again. Later today I will also be meeting with a well-known and global book publisher to discuss an exciting new project that I am keeping under wraps for the moment. In 1980 I joined a sales organisation and excelled for 5 years. On the whiteboard behind my desk I wrote the words “activity is the key” – nothing has changed.

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