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An opportunity

Looks like I won’t be going very far today.

If your surgery day falls apart because of the weather and cancellations, use the opportunity to call a team meeting.

Agenda items:

  1. what do you like best about working here?

  2. what do you like least about working here?

  3. what would you most like to change?

  4. what are the best ideas to get new patients in 2010?

  5. what are the best ideas to do more business with existing patients in 2010?

And for the clinicians who are selling private treatment:

  1. who are your 20 best new business opportunities at the moment?

  2. who are your 20 best centres of influence at the moment?

  3. what are your top 10 self-marketing activities in the next 90 days?

Don’t sit there complaining about the weather.

Use the chance to do some future-profit planning.

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