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A week of transition

My business manager for the last 2 years, Barbara Trotter, finishes work on Friday this week to take up a new opportunity in the South East of England. I have written some reflections on our professional relationship in this week’s newsletter, due out in the next 48 hours. So I’ll be visiting Barbara three times this week to work on the “hand over” of duties to my new business manager, Bonnie Mockett, who is due to start work in 2 weeks from now. An interesting observation is that tomorrow I will visit Barbara’s office for the first time in the 2 years that she has worked for me. I am also looking at rented offices, with a view to bringing Team CB under one physical roof for the first time since 1998 – since then the team has been virtual – as I feel that we cannot break through our current level of productivity without creating the dynamic of an “actual” team. So – there is a lot to consider this week – as we take the financial, marketing and operational systems off Barbara’s desk and park them on my desk for a week (aargh!). I am also looking forward to a dental practice visit in South Wales on Wednesday – a nice trip out – it’s not the most profitable use of my time but it does give me a great “feel” for what’s going on in the trenches of dental practice – the dental team I visit will become my R&D team for the day. Monday is my business development day and, so far, I have written this week’s newsletter, written a controversial article for Dentistry magazine and organised my “to do” list for the day and the week ahead. I will shortly be catching upon some operational emails and speaking with Paul Nelson (my sales manager) about PNC’s (potential new clients) that we have in the pipeline. Busy, busy, busy.

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