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A free-download – The 10 essential ingredients in a treatment plan that patients will understa

Over the last couple of years I’ve been working with my coaching and workshop clients on the quality of their treatment plan presentations.

Much has been written here and in my newsletter, comparing most Tx plans to a conveyancing document for a house purchase, rather than the photos of the house in the estate agents shop window.

It still amazes me that Tx plans for thousands of pounds are printed straight out from Practice Management Software and shoved into a gusset folder (if you are lucky) with perhaps a covering letter from the dentist (if you are even luckier) – the patient then expected to understand the jargon and even explain the same to another decision maker at home.

The fear of investigation and litigation has dumbed-down the flair that is required in encouraging patients to make purchasing decisions that are desirable, appropriate and affordable.

So followers of my musings will have seen reference to Powerpoint Tx plans to back up the compliant documents.

A September video tutorial in The Extreme Business Academy shared with members “How to add life to your treatment plans with Powerpoint” and included real-life examples from 3 of my clients.

To add to the debate, I’ve been thinking about the essential ingredients of a Tx plan – looking at it from the patient’s perspective.

You can download here a brand new Extreme Business PDF on that subject – spelling out the 10 essential ingredients in a treatment plan that patients will understand.

My aim here is to improve your conversion rate by improving your presentation.

Take a look at a few Tx plans that have been issued by your practice in the last couple of weeks and measure them against these 10 steps – how easy are you making it for your patients to buy?

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