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6 simple words that can galvanise your patient testimonials

My biggest take-away from this week’s podcast with Dr. Chris Bowman was his simple answer to the question “how do you get testimonials?”

Chris responded that his whole team are trained to listen out for any positive comments made by patients, from as simple as “that injection didn’t hurt a bit” to “I’d recommend you to anybody”.

In such circumstances, the team member hearing the feedback will immediately respond with a golden question:

“Can I quote you on that?”

Chris maintains that, provided you ask immediately, patients will almost always reply with “sure, no problem.”

We recorded the podcast on Monday afternoon and I decided to put the idea to the test.

On Tuesday, a client emailed me to say how much she was enjoying completing our on-line weekly progress tracker.

I emailed back with “can I quote you on that?” and, within minutes, she came back to conform that would be OK (thank you Catherine).

Yesterday a Facebook friend and dental student messaged me to say how much he was enjoying this blog.

“Can I quote you on that?” I messaged back and, sure enough, it was no problem (thank you Anish).

One of the classic lessons in customer service is to get caught doing things right.

What Chris Bowman teaches us is to tun that into a testimonial opportunity.

Lesson learned – although I can sense that my clients will be listening out for me asking that question going forward.

I genuinely hope that the podcast and this post have you and your team doing the same.

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