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50 patients a day for £900 or 6 patients a day for £3,000 – make a choice

I’m working with two very contrasting clients at the moment.

Client A is at the beginning of her coaching journey:

  1. working 5.5 days a week clinically;

  2. 15-minute appointments;

  3. 40-50 patients per day;

  4. no time to treatment plan;

  5. no time to work ON the business;

  6. team run off their feet;

  7. post-grad – what’s that?

  8. little time off;

  9. holidays an infrequent dream;

  10. constantly exhausted;

  11. average daily gross £900.

Client B is at the end of the current phase of his coaching journey:

  1. working 3.5 days a week clinically;

  2. diary zoned with at least one 4-hour appointment every clinical day;

  3. average 6 patients per day;

  4. 1.5 days a week to treatment plan and work ON the business;

  5. team motivated and organised;

  6. a world-class Practice Manager who “owns” the operational side of the business;

  7. delivering Dental Health Reviews in tandem with his hygiene team;

  8. apprentice dentist successfully in place;

  9. post-grad – a lifelong learner;

  10. plenty of time off and holidays;

  11. energised and healthy;

  12. average daily gross £3,000.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your circumstances, you can choose to be like A or B.

People like me help you to get there faster.

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