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Why a workshop is of little use unless it is part of a sustainable programme

Today I’m just alongside Dublin Airport, working with 8 ortho practices on their 2019 marketing plans.

I’ll be focusing on internal marketing via word of mouth and digital recommendation.

I’ll be showcasing real-life examples from my client base and sharing success stories.

One case study is worth a thousand words of theory.

Just like one patient testimonial video is worth a thousand words of jargon.

There’s a problem with the workshop environment though.

The problem is SUSTAINABILITY (about which I have learned so much over the years from Bridge2Aid).

If all I do is prance about at the front of the room telling stories and jokes – then everybody goes back to work on Monday and carries on doing what they always did – I’ve simply been an entertainer for the day.

So how do we achieve sustainability?

Here’s how I’m going to be doing it after today:

  1. an automated weekly reporting system (already in place for my clients);

  2. monthly Zoom (video) calls with owners and managers to report back on progress;

  3. monthly Excel spreadsheets to track new patient conversion stats and marketing ROI;

  4. unlimited access to the coach (that’s me) via email and Facebook.

If the plate falls off the stick when I leave the room (because nobody else is spinning it) then the client fails as a client and I fail as coach.

Let’s remind ourselves of one of my favourite quotes from business author Harry Beckwith:

There is no performance without accountability and no accountability without measurement.
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