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Who on earth would want to build the 100-year dental business – and why?

Preamble (well, actually, ramble)

I spend a lot of my time nowadays advising clients on their exit strategy:

  1. when is the best time to sell?

  2. how soon before I want to sell do I need to start preparing the practice and educating myself?

  3. what will my business be worth?

  4. what will likely be my exit terms and conditions?

  5. who should I sell to?

Of course, when the sale takes place, it’s lovely to see people who have become friends doing well financially but as a business coach it’s a bit of a dead end as, in the main, once a corporate walks in my job is done.

“Goodbye and thanks for all the fish” comes to mind.

(As an aside – I’ll get to my main point shortly – a client who recently sold negotiated a clause in his contract that funded my coaching for the practice during the period of the earn-out – that was a career first and the corporate agreed)

Stop rambling CB and get to the point.

It makes a very untypical and refreshing change to work with a client who has no intention of selling any time soon and, in fact, tells me that his vision is to build a business that will deliver to patients and the profession for the next 100 years.

I was disappointed that an existing promise kept me away from Nottingham last night, where Colin Campbell and the teams from The Campbell Clinic and The Campbell Academy revealed their plans for a new purpose-built home that is already 25% built.

Before I ramble on again – here’s a 4-minute fly-by of the new facility.

Smartphone Link HERE.

Colin deserves full bragging rights on this initiative.

In a world in which the mainstream conversation is often about the challenges of modern-day dental life (and Colin covers that ground admirably in his blogs and podcasts) – it’s just a refreshing change to bask in the glow of a team of people who are proud of what they are doing and who intend to carry on making a difference.

We talk a lot about leadership and how that embraces three main characteristics:

  1. Vision – having a mental image of a bigger future;

  2. Motivation – (I said this yesterday) – creating environments in which people become self-motivated;

  3. Delegation – understanding that you are only ever going to be as good as your support team and hiring the right people to do the right things right.

I present to you Colin Campbell and the teams at The Clinic and The Academy.

Hand on heart – in my 22 years in the business of dentistry – simply the best examples of the three qualities described above – they tick all the boxes.

So bully for Colin – what’s in it for you?

Do yourself a few favours:

  1. If you are interested in your own post-graduate education – look at The Campbell Academy;

  2. If you want to read the musings of an amateur philosopher with his finger on the pulse of what it’s like to be a business owner, husband and Dad – read Colin’s blog;

  3. If you want to listen to musings on the state of dentistry – subscribe to the podcast that Colin creates with Shaun Sellars, Incisive Decisive;

  4. If you want to stay informed on the history and development of the new building project – subscribe to the weekly blog on The Cube.

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