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Welcome to Q2 – Two free downloads on goal-setting and the launch of The Extreme Business Club

About You

First, let’s talk about you.

Today may be 1st April but, more importantly, it’s the first day of Q2 – the second quarter of 2019.

An opportunity to reflect on your Q1 goals and to ask:

  1. what went right?

  2. what went wrong?

  3. what went nowhere?

  4. what did you learn?

  5. what will you do differently as a result?

By the way, in answer to “what went right”, give yourself a pat on the back and, where appropriate, make sure that your team feel appreciated.

Time, now, to set your goals for the next 90 days.

To that end, I’m sharing with you here a couple of free downloads that have helped many of my clients over the years – personal and professional goal-planners for the next quarter. It’s important to understand that, even though these PDFs give you the chance to set 3 goals in each area of your life (a total of 21) YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

Any number of goals from 1 to 21 will suffice – but it’s good karma to give yourself something to aim at and some flag to which your team can rally.

Take a moment today to print these PDFs and plan some time for yourself and/or family and team to think and plan for the next waypoint – on 30th June.

About me (well, really about you as well)

Today we unveil The Extreme Business Club.

Ten years in the thinking and 18 months in the execution, it’s a vision coming true for me – a goal to create the world’s leading online learning platform dedicated to the business of dentistry.

Let’s start with the price point – I want to make this portal as easy a decision as you could possibly make. At £25 per month (or £260 per year), I’m making access to the site pretty much a “no-brainer” for any owner and a very easy decision for managers and other team members. Dental students will be offered a 50% discount.

Our portal is already geared up to accept international payments in your local currency.

For those electing to take the annual membership offer, we are also rewarding you with immediate access to a 3.5 hour marketing course with an RRP of £249.

Your investment will allow you access to:

  1. a monthly live Q&A webinar for owners and managers (recorded for later viewing);

  2. a monthly tutorial for owners, managers and the full team (first month a detailed explanation of how to create and conduct and End of Treatment Review Protocol);

  3. a monthly interview with a Key Opinion Leader (first month an interview with Les Jones, Creative Director of Practice Plan on the important difference between your brand and your branding);

  4. 20+ years of experience in an archived knowledge bank;

  5. fully automated vCPD;

  6. plus a series of in-depth online training courses at a “members-only” price (at launch, courses on internal marketing and financial analysis).

My vision continues with the goal of creating 1,000 members worldwide in phase 1 of The Extreme Business Club development programme.

I’d like to invite you to become a founding member of The Club.

To do so, please visit our web site (link below), re-read our offer and click through to join. As part of your onboarding, you will receive a comprehensive guide to navigate your way around our revolutionary portal and begin to enjoy the benefits of Club membership.

Please click this link:

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